Moving Apartment in Japan and me

I am staying in japan from 2010/10 to work as a software engineer.
This time too, i stay at company’s apartment which is in Kouto Ward, Kitatsuna.
I had to live in Chiba on my previous time! This ward is more convenience than chiba.

My office is at Shinagawa which is a busy town in japan.
I have to take a sub-way line call Toei-Shinjuku to go to the office from the station named Ojima.
I have to transfer the JR-Yokotsuka Line at Bakuroyokoyama Station via Bakurocho Station.

Ojima is a nice place to live. It is quite and comfortable. I love that town very much.
But one day, I realize that there is no hot water in the kitchen so I ask my boss to set up the heater in the kitchen.
As a result, I have to move out to the new apartment since the reformation of apartment that is rent now have to pay more than moving to the new apartment that is already installed the heater in the kitchen.
That make me surprised at first. Anyway, that is the Japanese style! 😛

So I have to clean the apartment for moving and packing.
It is a hard work to clean the whole apartment (kitchen, bath room, toilet cleaning is the most hard work!!!)
But since I have experience in Myanmar to clean my home, I can handle it easily! 😀 Thanks my mom to let me clean home.

So finally it is moving day 2010/12/15.
You know, it is the day I have to take my Foreign Registration Card from Ward Office.
And then, I am moving to new ward on that day. 😀

My room mate and office lady do the moving since I have to go to job.
Thanks to them! 😛

So it is the new ward named Itabashi. The old town of japan with lots of temple.
It is a nice place with lots of cherry tree. Good to live if you love cherry!!! 😛 Right?
I love Cherry(*the flower!!) too.
But there is no cherry in the tree in winter! What a bad luck! 😦

My new apartment is just beside the train station named Shin-Takashimadai (Toei-Mita Sub-way line)
The transportation time to the office is about 1 hour 20 mins.
So I have to go out 8 in the morning to reach the office at 9’20.

Although it is much too far from downtown if you compare with Ojima the old apartment, it is very nice apartment.
It is newer than the old one and it has more privacy since two separated room, the western style apartment mixed with japanese style. 😛

I went the post-office to transfer my mailing box of old one to the new apartment.
There at the post-office, the staff is not polite. It is very strange to see like that staff in japan! ”{
So I did it from the web. it is great no one to talk. 😛

On Sunday, I went to the ward office of Itabashi to make my ID card to change the new address.
It is fast processing, I got it in 5 minutes since they have to print a new address on the back side of my ID card. 😛
I got some sight-seeing guide from ward office.
There is lots of place to visit in Itabashi.

I decided to go around the Itabashi the next week.
And I too decided to spend my new year holiday in Tokyo.

Thanks for reading!
Kaung Myat Tun


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